24 4 / 2014

Have you ever wondered where is the right place to add your scripts or system environment variables in UNIX based OS?

  • .bashrc
    - execution: every instance of bash shell (teminal window)
    - relevance: bash shell (terminal window) only

  • .bash_profile
    - execution: login
    - relevance: bash shell (terminal window) only

  • .profile
    - execution: login
    - relevance: system wide

22 4 / 2014


2012 was the year of the rise of the Javascript MVC frameworks and librairies with countless of those frameworks that were released or that went under the spotlight. Among others, you must have heard about Backbone.js, Ember.js but my personal favorite is AngularJS. AngularJS is a Javascript…

Wonderful intro to AngularJS. Bravo.

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Do you often use the window resize event in your web apps? then you should definitely take a look at the following tip which based on debouncing to delay the execution and perform callback only once

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  • Time for the First Byte: 200ms - 350ms
  • DOM Content Loaded: 1000ms - 2000ms
  • JS Load Event Fired: 900ms - 2200ms
  • Total Download Size: 1MB - 2MB
  • DNS Lookup: 10ms - 20ms
  • HTTP Requests per page: 50 - 75

Source: Need for Speed – How to Improve your Website Performance

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The Advanced Packaging Tool, or APT, is a free software user interface that works with core libraries to handle the installation and removal of software on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and its variants.

  • Display apt-get manual
    apt-get help

  • Install a new package (+dependencies)
    apt-get install PACKAGENAME

  • Remove an existing package & its config files
    apt-get purge PACKAGENAME

  • Remove all unused packages
    apt-get autoremove

  • Update existing package
    apt-get update PACKAGENAME
    - You can also to update all installed packages
    apt-get update

  • Verify that there are no broken dependencies
    apt-get check

19 4 / 2014

Can’t access Pandora radio? Is Spotify blocked just because you live in the “wrong” country? Hola! to the rescue!

This genius solution removes all kinds of geographic restrictions from the popular web services, such as: Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and more.

Click here to download it to your computer or mobile device, either as a software, an application or even as Google Chrome extension!

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17 4 / 2014

Messing with your Windows hosts file?
It is a good idea to clear your browser’s DNS host cache right after that so that the updated IP address will become effective:

Type in Chrome’s omnibox (fancy name for address bar):
and then click on the “Clear host cache" button.

16 4 / 2014

One of the tricks to overcome the same-origin-policy obstacle when you have a page with an iframe inside and each belongs to a different sub-domain, is to modify the document.domain property in both page & iframe, so it’ll point to the same second level domain.

For example, let’s say the main page’s url is sub1.example.com and the iframe’s is sub2.example.com, add the following script in each of these pages:

document.domain = document.location.hostname.split('.').slice(-2).join('.');

Now both page & iframe domain is example.com (with no sub-domain) and you can easily call the window.parent, for example, property from the iframe’s code.

Please notice that this solution works only for pages which belong to the same second level domain.

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Use this tool to create and examine cool CSS animations & transitions